Maarten has an explicit own vision about sustainable growth. He has a warm, personal and appreciative manner to connect with people. By doing this, he is an enabler for people to open themselves, and to bring delicate issues on the table. In the past years, Maarten helped many managers, professionals and teams in their development of career, cooperation or leadership.

He has some strong beliefs that he integrates in his approach:

- You can only respect others if you respect yourself, 
- Challenge yourself to explore your own drivers and values,
- Try to develop your strengths,
- Focus yourself on what you can influence instead of what only worries you,
- Look at situations and other's behaviour from an appreciative perspective,
- Be conscious about your own and others paradigm's,
- Show your willingness to change your point of view. This enables development and grow

Maarten is founder and owner of DialoGrow. He has built his experience in trade and industry for many years. His expertise is in the area of HRM, Employability, Coaching and Training. He worked on organisational- , team- and individual level. He also was teacher on HRM for a couple of years on the post bachelor "Stichting Leergang Bedrijfskunde", for working managers.

Maarten has the ability to use a variety of instruments. Examples are Insights Discovery, MBTI (step 1 and step 2), Strengthsfinder, Core Qualities, change models and leadership models. In addition he is a certified eCoach, and is registered in the National eCoach register.

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