The time has come that we become aware of our old values and patterns. Picking up the challenge to embrace new values, with all the chances and possibilities that come with that!

At the moment we are in the middle of a transition of fundamental values. In the society, the government and in the business world. Old values that are fading. Other values that will gain re-evaluation and a new meaning in a different time. Examples of restraining old values in organisations are in my eyes: winning or losing, control, short-term focus and people as resource. Even though new values, like durability, self steering and credibility are often mentioned, we easily fall back to our old, familiar values. Read more……


DialoGrow has the mission to help people in organisations to get the best out of themselves. People are capable of making a difference when they, with a healthy amount of self-consciousness, are daring and able to engage in the robust dialogue with themselves and others, and are capable of anticipating. I am convinced that a focus on this social renewal will lead to durable success for organisations.

DialoGrow helps organisations in aligning mission and values with the internal organisational structure ("practice what you preach"). In different words, helping organisations in the internalization of the values, and gaining credibility with that.