The time has come that we become aware of our old values and patterns. Picking up the challenge to embrace new values, with all the chances and possibilities that come with that!

At the moment we are in the middle of a transition of fundamental values. In the society, the government and in the business world. Old values that are fading. Other values that will gain re-evaluation and a new meaning in a different time. Examples of restraining old values in organisations are in my eyes: winning or losing, control, short-term focus and people as resource. Even though new values, like durability, self steering and credibility are often mentioned, we easily fall back to our old, familiar values.

Towards new values
The recent shifts in thinking, not only focussing on managing the finances but also investing in social reforms and long-term effects, give hope. Health, treating our environment responsibly and belief in working on a beautiful future for our children are the values that can give us something to hold on to in order to be able to face a relapse of many things that we take for granted nowadays. I see a future in which durability will be an important motivation for creating values, and in which technological, economical and social innovation will go hand in hand. A less hierarchical society, in which we as citizen or individual play a more decisive role from a personal value proposition, and in which we enter collaboration from a "new action perspective". An era in which "small" is at the same time "big". In which "giving, sharing and trusting as principle for development and growth" becomes much more important than personal profit, distrust and competition. That means quite something for the individual person. Knowing that we will slowly be leaving the welfare state behind us, we will, on an individual level, have to start taking more care of ourselves and our neighbours. We will have to expect less and less from the collective (in terms of retirement, healthcare, housing, social security).

Towards new challenges
The time has come that we should become aware of our old values and patterns, and give the opportunity to embrace new values, with all the chances and possibilities that come with that! This offers huge opportunities to the ones that come with new answers, and respond to these new topics. In the upcoming age organisations will make more and more use of flexible contracts and flexitime working. The difference between physical and virtual fades as a consequence of technology. The manager will part more and more with his supervising function. The hierarchy disappears. Their relationship becomes more equal. That will become a challenge, especially for traditionally orientated managers. I am convinced that in the next few years the attention for the dialogue will only increase. But it will also become an increasing necessity for each individual to self-consciously engage in the dialogue. DialoGrow has an actual vision on the current HR dynamics, Talent Management and Employability, and the significance of these for organisations and people within the organisation.


DialoGrow has the mission to help people in organisations to get the best out of themselves. People are capable of making a difference when they, with a healthy amount of self-consciousness, are daring and able to engage in the robust dialogue with themselves and others, and are capable of anticipating. I am convinced that a focus on this social renewal will lead to durable success for organisations.

DialoGrow helps organisations in aligning mission and values with the internal organisational structure ("practice what you preach"). In different words, helping organisations in the internalization of the values, and gaining credibility with that.